Asheboro North Carolina State Zoo and other nearby attractions

The main tourist attraction in Asheboro is the Zoo. Other sites to see are the NC aviation museum and the Richland Creek Canopy tours.

North Carolina State Zoo is a natural habitat zoo. The zoo exhibits animals in their most likely environment. For example, the lion exhibit has boulders and grass, the elephants are out in a grassy field and so forth. See pictures below. The zoo can take over a day to explore. There are over 5 miles of trails. Although there is a tram, you will still be on your feet quite a lot so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

The zoo features a Bird Aviary which is a must see. Exotic birds fly freely throughout the aviary, so you can get up close and personal. The aviary is humid to simulate the natural environment of the tropical birds featured therein. In addition, there are tropical plants and trees throughout. You could spend an entire day here. Sit on a park bench provided therein and watch the birds go about their daily routines.

Visit the African Pavilion. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits. See lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, zebras, giraffes and other animals native to Africa. In addition, there are exhibits with African snakes.

Visit the North American Pavilion. Like the African Pavilion, the North American Pavilion has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. See cougars, alligators, polar bears, black bears, bald eagles and other animals native to the North American continent. There are also exhibits with snakes.

All the exhibits showcase animals in there natural habitat. There are concession stands throughout. Benches are provided for resting and/or animal viewing at outside and inside exhibits. There is plenty of shade available throughout the park.



rhino polar bear pic
Rhinos Polar Bears
Flamingoes manmade alligator egg display
Flamingoes Manmade exhibit of Alligators hatching
bird in aviary Aviary tropical plants around water
bird in aviary in front of bench Aviary tropical plants and pool

Other Attractions

Richland Creek Zipline Canopy Tour, located a few minutes from the Zoo, is an exciting adventure. There are guides. It has two lines and a swinging bridge. The views are beautiful.

NC Aviation Museum is near the Asheboro Municipal Airport. See WWII airplanes, uniforms and equipment.