Oct 15

Ski Resorts NC

The ski season is coming soon to the mountains of North Carolina. Ski resorts are located in Blowing Rock, Boone, Beech Mountain, Sugar mountain, Mars Hill, Maggie Valley and Sapphire. For more detailed information, see new article

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  • Oct 15

    Civil War tourism NC

    North Carolina joined the Confederacy in the second seccession. It was one of the last states to enter the War of the rebellion as most of us know as the American Civil War. NC has always been a poor state. It is often referred to as the veil of humility between two mountains of conceit. The two mountains of conceit refer to Virginia and South Carolina with their rich planters and merchants. NC had fewer plantations than most southern states due to the poor roads and poor navigable rivers and waterways. Since there were few plantations, there was not a very large number of slave holders. Slaves were expensive and most North Carolinians could not afford a slave. North Carolina had the highest number of volunteers and the highest number of deserters. The Civil War became a rich man’s war and a poor man’s battle.  In the NC mountains, there were many Union sympathizers. There were also fewer battles fought here. Most of the major battles were fought in Virginia. However, there are still quite a number of Civil War sites to visit within the state. For more detailed info on locations of Civil War sites in NC, see North Carolina Civil War tourism.