Best Camping Spots in North Carolina

Camping is one of the most fun activities the state of North Carolina has to offer to families from all over the country and even from other parts of the world. There are scenic areas around the Blue Ridge Parkway,  Linville Gorge and Mount Mitchell. There are also enjoyable outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, trail walking and much more. You can enjoy the waterfalls, golf courses, national forests and a number of other attractions. The hardest part is choosing just one area for your camping adventure.

Camping can be a very enjoyable outdoor activity as long as you have all of the right supplies along with you. As you plan your next camping trip, you will want to make sure you have a tent, tarp and sleeping bag as well as plenty of water, food that is easy to prepare, extra clothes, tight coolers and any other outdoor gear or equipment you need for your adventure.

North Carolina has three main areas and depending on which one you choose, you will need different camping equipment to accommodate the region. The state borders many diverse areas including the Atlantic Ocean and several other states. That gives it a wide range of options in terms of landscape and activities. You can enjoy the coast, the Piedmont, or the mountains all within the same state.

The area that is usually called the Outer Banks or the coastal area is warm because of the Gulf Stream. There are many popular oceanfront campgrounds in this area. It has a large amount of beaches as well as large sand dunes, but it also features wetlands with a number of different and unique plants and animals. One of the most beautiful parts of this region is the popular barrier islands. These islands have gorgeous coastlines that run for 130 miles.

The coasts have 900 square miles of water surrounding them, but there isn`t just beauty in this area. Campers to the NC coast will enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as the abundance of outdoor activities available in this region. There are also plenty of historic sites that line the waters such as the very first English settlement at Roanoke Island plus lots of fun things to do. You can go hang gliding, kite boarding, parasailing, and many other outdoor activities.

The Piedmont region of the state sits in the geographic center. It has rolling hills and four different seasons throughout the year. Campers will enjoy the mild climate with temperatures mostly mild with the winter dipping into the 40s and the summer rising into the 80s.  There are also plenty of historic sites to explore in this area of the state as well as modern shopping malls, golf courses and other entertaining aspects.

The Appalachian Mountains dominate the western portion of the state with the highest peak sitting over 6,600 feet in the air. The Great Smoky Mountains are one of the greatest attractions in the area. Campers can drive through the scenic mountain range by taking the 250-mile long Blue Ridge Parkway . The mountain range on the western side of the state is largely compiled of a hardwood forest. In the fall, that makes the mountains even more beautiful as the leaves on the trees change colors.

As you plan your camping trip, you will need to think about your overall budget. Your main concerns are food and gas as well as the campsite fees in the various areas and the equipment you will need. There are plenty of ways you can save money and still do everything you want to do while you are camping.

Not only is the state of North Carolina beautiful, but it also has plenty of adventures available to travelers. You can look through museums, enjoy whitewater-rafting, attend fairs and watch for other special events to enjoy throughout the year. It is a good idea to plan your camping trip by the season you would most enjoy.