Beaches at Cape Lookout National Seashore North Carolina Outer Banks - Tourist Attractions: Wildlife Refuge, Lighthouse, Wild Horses, Museums

Cape Lookout National Seashore is noted for seashell hunting. It is a protected wildlife refuge for Birds  and the endangered loggerhead turtles who use the area for breeding along with other sea turtles.

Ferries to Cape Lookout National Seashore depart from: Morehead City, Harker's Island, Davis, Beaufort and Atlantic Beach N.C.

There is no garbage pickup so take your trash with you. There are no concessions be sure to take water, snacks and other things you will need, the ferry will drop you off and leave you until their next trip out.

While taking the ferry be sure to look out for Wild horses swimming in the surf.

wild horses wading along the shore in the Outer Banks NCPicture of Wild Horses on Shackleford Banks NC.

The visitor center is located at Shell point on Harker's island.

There are 56 miles barrier islands.

North Core Banks is in the Portsmouth village area.

South Core Banks is where you'll find the Cape Lookout lighthouse.

Shackleford Banks is where you'll find a herd of Wild horses.

Cape Lookout lighthouse was built 1859. Distinguishing markings of lighthouse are the black and white diamond markings which were used to tell Sailors directions. There is a INkeepers house that is now a small museum.

Portsmouth Village is a fishing village dating back to 1753 located at Oracoke Inlet.

Core Sound waterfowl museum is located at 1785 Island Rd. The museum has exhibits featuring antique decoys with hunting and fishing exhibits. On the grounds are hiking trails and a 4 acre waterfowl habitat

Cedar Island National Wildlife refuge has over 270 species of birds. boating

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