Best North Carolina Hiking and Biking Trails

Hiking and Biking Trails

 If you are planning a hiking and biking trip to the North Carolina trails, you are likely in for a real treat. The weather in NC is generally mild and pleasant and the scenery is beautiful, no matter which trail you choose to enjoy during your visit. Before you start your adventure, make sure you have all of the proper clothing and gear so you can thoroughly enjoy every aspect of your hiking and biking trip.

 You will need to have good, comfortable walking shoes for your hikes. Make sure they are broken in and fit your feet well. Also, pack several different layers of clothing so you can remove or put on the items as needed. You might also want to through in a few things like empty water bottles so you can fill them up and take them along as well as power bars and other handy snacks.

 Once you are ready for your journey, all you have to do is figure out what trails you want to cover during your time in the area. There is a lot of variety in the terrain in North Carolina, no matter what type of hiker or biker you feel that you are. Within some of the mountainous areas, you can walk or bike through a few different climates in the space of just a few minutes. You might feel as if you have journeyed back in time on some trails while others might be daunting and hard in every way.

 There are so many trail options in the state of North Carolina that the hardest part is making your initial choices. Here are a few options that might help you get off to the right start:

 The New River route is a gentle route in the North Carolina mountains. The trail sits along the southern fork of New River and it is very level and easy to hike or bike. Once you get to the end of the trail, you can do a little shopping at Todd General Store, a company that has merchandise that will make you feel like you are in the 40s.

 The Duke Forest, in the NC Piedmont, route starts at the historic Bennett Place. The road covers thousands of acres of forest preserve and you may see a number of different wildlife animals while you hike and bike through the area. There are 10 miles of dirt roads and smaller, less maintained trails that make for great hiking and biking adventures.

 For a bike trail that has a few more hills, you might want to look into the Duck to Sanderling trail on the NC Coast. This trail sits on the northern end of NC-12 and has a biker friendly path. You will be able to see some of the Currituck Sound views as you rid and there are plenty of side streets that will lead you past adorable beach houses. You can also go as far as the ocean. Watch for the Sanderling Inn as well and take in a sunset while you are in the area.The Coastal Region of North Carolina has a short nature trail that leads you to views of a private barrier island. You can even take maritime hikes through the nearby forest. If you want to explore the island itself, there is a ferry you can access for a small fee.

Another popular hiking trail in NC is the Hermit Trail. It is also often called the Basin Trail. It is one of those trails that you would not necessarily find unless you have a really good guidebook. The trail is 2.2 miles long and it is one of the best hiking trails in the area. It sits along Kure Beach on the south side of the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. You can pass through dunes beside the ocean and enjoy forest and ocean views at the same time.

Carolina Beach State Park has plenty of hiking and biking trails for you to enjoy as well. With miles of trails that go through a large number of habitats, you will likely find unique plants and see a variety of animals. This park is a popular coastal attraction because of its trails. It has a natural beauty, but it is also full of history and environmental wonders.