Linville Caverns North Carolina Tourism -Guided Tours, Historical Site, Nearby Wilderness Area, Waterfalls, Hiking, Fishing

Linville Caverns NC is off US 221. The cavern were discovered in 1822.

Linville Caverns is between Linville NC and Marion inside Humpback Mountain.

Inside Linville caverns are Ceilings that look like an arch of an old Cathedral. Linville Caverns are a natural limestone cavern with a constant temperature of 52 degrees all year round.

During the Civil War, deserters from both the Union and Confederate armies hid out in Linville Caverns. Linville Caverns were a part of the underground railway, and runaway slaves often hid here on there journey north.

Area Pictures
Linville Falls, Western North Carolina fall colors

mountains in the fall

There is a guided tour along a well lit pathway which explains the history of the caverns.

Cave life includes eastern Pipistrelle Bats, Crayfish, Spiders, trout, and more.

Beautiful and well worth your time to visit.

Linville Wilderness area - located at mile marker 317.4, hiking, fishing and hunting, views of Table Rock and Wiseman's view.

Linville Falls - upper and lower falls, hike in to view the Falls, 90 feet falls in a natural wilderness preserve.

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