North Carolina: Romantic Getaways & Destinations for Honeymoons and/or Weddings

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting and special things about getting married is the honeymoon, the most romantic period in a couple’s life, a romance which is meant to leave its print upon the entire marriage which has just been completed. But what is so difficult to deal with when it comes to honeymoons? Choosing the perfect destination to spend that special vacation in.

There is something special about all honeymoon destinations and there is a perfect one for each couple. In other words, couples can spend unforgettable moments in exotic places, in different renowned romantic countries of Europe or in different corners of the USA for instance. Taking a look at every such suggestion, a perfect honeymoon can be consumed in Hawaii for instance. Kauai is the most romantic island in Hawaii, a destination also known as “Garden Island”, a destination which combines luxury and the rustic touch in a most successful way with its beaches and incredible landscapes. You might also want to known that this island is related to a large umber of celebrities.

If you are not looking for an exotic destination, there are the well-known romantic European countries, such as France, Spain or Italy to spend a perfect honeymoon and this is not necessarily related to the different monuments such as the Eiffel Tower. You can choose different resorts and their impeccable facilities like Capri Palace and Spa in Italy, a destination situated upon the Bay of Naples and the smoking Vesuvius. If not very fond of Italy, you can always go to England; there are plenty of hotels for weddings you can choose from. For example, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, over the Thames Valley or in Four Seasons Hotel George V, that has a beautiful opening over the capital of romance, Paris.

Furthermore, honeymoons are just the right occasion to pay a visit to the United States of America in case you haven’t been there before and one of the best destinations is for sure North Carolina. In case you think this is a good idea, there are many hotels for weddings there, but the best of them all is known to be the Umstead wedding hotel. This hotel also has a spa resort and it is situated in Cary, North Carolina. When entering this hotel, you can sense an incredible air of gallery, as there are hundreds of pieces of art on the corridors, all chosen especially for their clients and exploiting the North Carolina artistic potential. Also, couples can enjoy exquisite posh rooms, an impressive spa, a restaurant fit for anyone’s taste, all these elements making Umstead Hotel and Spa one of the 44 five-star properties in the USA. Of course, this would be the top notch recommendation of them all, but there are also other choices for couples in North Carolina with all the inns, vacation cottages, bed and breakfast destinations or incredible hotels.

All in all, a honeymoon can be successful no mater of the corner of the world newly weds choose, but one thing is for sure: the honeymoon destination is one of the things that stay with you forever and it is all even more beautiful when you are provided with the right conditions. So, it is up to each couple to choose their perfect European, American or exotic honey-place.