Southern Pines North Carolina Tourism - Golf, Nature Preserve, Arts Center, Historic Sites, Horse Racing Tracks,

The Main attraction for this area is Championship Golf Courses. There are also horseback riding, horse farms, horse drawn carriage tours

Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve is located at 1024 Fort Bragg Rd in Southern Pines. The Nature Preserve has hands on exhibits on pine forests, dioramas about life in the forest. guided tours are available

Weymouth center for arts and humanities is located at 555 east Connecticut Ave.

Shaw House Properties is located in Southern Pines. These properties include 3 houses of area's 1st settlers. It is on the National Register of Historic places. The houses are: The Shaw house built 1840, the Garner House built 1830 which is a log cabin and the Britt Sanders Cabin; a one room pioneer house

Attractions near Southern Pines area

Carolina Horse Park at 5 points is located at Montrose Rd. in Aberdeen NC south of Southern Pines. Stonybrook Festival, Steeplechase, Horse shows, competitions and racing are held here.

Tour de Moore Century Ride is a  100 mile race held on labor day.

Bethesda Church & Cemetery is located off NC 5  on Bethesda Rd in Aberdeen NC. The church and cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places. The church was built in 1790

House in Horseshoe is located at 324 Alston House Rd, west of Sanford, north of Carthage NC. The house was built in 1772. It is a State historic site. A reenactment of a skirmish that took place here during the American revolution first weekend of August