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Statesville is located on I-40 and I-77. The city is about 2 hours from Asheville NC and about 1 hour from Mt. Airy. It is close to Charlotte and Hickory.

Fort Dobbs near Statesville NC

Fort Dobbs, near Stateville North Carolina, was a French and Indian War Fort built on which was then the Western Frontier. The Fourth Creek community was located next to Fort Dobbs and became a town in 1847 renamed Statesville.

Fort Dobbs is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina near the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and is situated in the Fork of Fourth Creek which is a branch of the Yadkin River. The French and Indian War was a 9 year conflict which began in 1754 in the Ohio Valley and became a worldwide conflict. The Fort is named for the Royal governor of the NC Colony, Arthur Dobbs. Fort Dobbs was built by a company of provincial rangers led by Hugh Waddell. Daniel Boone once help defend Fort Dobbs against a Cherokee raid. On February 27, 1760, a raiding party of Cherokee Indians attacked Fort Dobbs. In 1761, British regulars and provincials defeated the Cherokee which expanded the western frontier 50 miles west of Fort Dobbs. The treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian war in 1763. Which gave the British full control of North America. In 1764, Fort Dobbs was dismantled. Today, the original buildings no longer are standing. The site includes archaeological sites, displays artifacts and trails. Admission is free at this writing

Lake Norman - Troutman - 10 miles south of Statesville, 33 miles north of Charlotte

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